Bond - BOS winner May '05


"Bond"  has been shown few times so far. His debut had to be postponed

after he had a car accident in December 2004. Fortunately he's a strong boy and, living

up to his name, he had a speedy recovery.


His short career includes some Exc 1st places (also first time out) as well as a Specialty placing

over several other dogs. He also has a BOS win at his credit at 14 months old.

So far he's been breeder handled by Emanuela and Sergio.


His new to shows 10 yr old owner has shown him 3 times in Junior Handling Competition, ending up

as BIS-3 the first time and BIS-2 the other two!


Like his brother Léon, one of his highlights is his movement, which is floating and springy.

He covers the ground with elegance without effort. And a good movement can't be

the result of nothing but a correct construction!


He's adored by and owns the Spirandelli Family.



Bond - May 05