In the spare time Emanuela is sometimes asked to handle other breeds and so far she's been quite successful, although she's been attending very few shows. In this page you will find news about her handle showdogs. Here are news from her last few shows, although some results are missing.

For the rest of 2003 Manu hasn't been to any shows but a only a couple, she now looks forward to 2004.


International All Breeds Show in Reggio Emilia, March '03


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Emanuela shows once again a Saluki from the French Kennel "De Hamadan", Rania. She got CAC, CACIB, BOS to finish her International Championship title! Congratulations!

International All Breeds Show in Torino, Sept '02

Emanuela handles in a tough Group competition the French Saluki Ch Rowen de Hamadan who got a Group 3, beaten by the BIS winner!  


National All Breeds Show in Alessandria, May '02


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Emanuela showed two dogs in BOB competition in Afghans and Salukis.

In Afghans she handled the to-be BOB winner Xenos Cosmedin and in Salukis she handled again the young saluki Simheart Horo who took BOS to her sister Hator; they both had won the Youngster Class previously.

National Show in Biella, Feb '02

Emanuela had no Afghans to show but she was asked to handle a couple of other breeds. She handled again the saluki Simheart Horo who went Best Of Breed - and later 3rd Best In Group - from the Youngster Class, at his fourth (winning, in a row) show! BOS was handled also by Manu and went to littersister Hator, shown at her first show ever!

Adelchi Nilla was also shown by Emanuela. She won her class and became Italian Junior Warrant (in few shows, where she always placed first by the way)!!


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International Show in Erba, Dec 01

Emanuela had a fullfilled day handling Italian Greyhounds. First she exhibited the handsome young Adelchi Leopoldo "Leo", a real stallion and showdog. He's going to leave his mark as a producer soon as he's been asked as a stud by all the Italian breeders and also by many foreign ones too. Anyway he got the Specialty Res CAC but pushed really hard the winner (the AbBIS winner later). We wish this young boy good luck for his next shows, he needs only a CAC to finish!

Leo's kennelmate Adelchi Nilla also met a new handler who brought her to win her class.... a real stubborn girl who's going to turn heads!

National Show in Ivrea, Nov '01

Not the busiest of days for Emanuela. She handled the saluki Simheart Horo to Best Youngster of Breed, but unfortunately there wasn't a BIS final.

On the other hand the young Borzoi Burjan's Silver Ghost won his class and ended up as 3rd in Group at the young age of 10 months!!


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International Show in Torino, Sept '01

Emanuela was asked to handle the young IG Adelchi Leopoldo "Leo", and the two started to bond right away! He took the CAC & RCACIB to his housemate, the #1 IG '01 Vertragus Pegaso.

Just after the IG judgements she was given the beautiful 7 ms old Saluki Simheart Horo, who was Best Youngster of Breed and ended up as 3rd Best Youngster In Show!! And this was his first show!

She then handled the CAC/CACIB/BOB winner Miniature Silver Poodle JWW-00 & ITJW-00 Flormar George Mon Ami, owned by our friend Matteo Borelli, also owner of the White Standard Male 2001 World Winner.