# 2 Junior Bitch 2004 (Club system - 1 show)

Junior SBIS Winner


Head studies - Oct 2004 Head studies - Oct 2004


"Iara" is a heart stealer!

Impressing the judge and ringside people for her showmanship at just 6 months old at her first outing...

... Winning Puppy BOB & BIS at a Sighthound Specialty in Switzerland, October '04!

"She shows a lot of character" - Mrs Klepp (N) - Puppy BIS.


She's an absolutely full of potential clever Girl so we hope she'll be shown again later too.

She started out with a BANG making her 'new-to-shows' parents very proud!

She lives with her sister "Isha" and enjoys playing with her all the time and catch the helicopter

to go up walking on the mountains, among things!

She's not been shown since January now, maybe she'll be back when her coat has grown back.


Iara is owned by Isabell Janza & Igor Maggioni, Switzerland.


NEWSFLASH! Iara wins Junior SBIS under Michael Canalizo at her second show!

So far, "Iara" has beaten Puppies from 5 countries... in just two shows!


"Iara" enjoying her holiday in February - Photo by Isabell Janza


"Iara" on the move, January 29


Iara wins Jun SBIS under Mr Canalizo - Nov 2004


5 months old, Sept04