"Lucy aka Ariel" is too much fun!!

The wildest creature that takes everyone by storm. No name could suit her better!


She spends her time learning and thinking.... and finding her next plunder!

She enjoys playing with frogs, helped by Pepe The Cat, or swimming in the little lake in the garden.

In few words, she's always up to something! A real non-stop baby...


There are dozens of fun stories which tell something about her own (Afghan) way of thinking and doing,

we hope to post them here soonest! In the meantime enjoy the following

wonderful drawings by her owner Assunta Loreti.


Just having fun at 6 months! March 2005


Ariel-Lucy - January 2005


Lucy-Ariel in search of frogs - her favorite sport!


With Pepe The Cat 2 months old


Wait the pictures to load, it's worthy!!! Put the coursor on the pics to know more.


"Happy Easter to all Afghans & their owners, hoping that during the holidays you'll find some Easter frogs & bunnies... and some Easter Eggs too..."


"The hammock is a dengling den where Afghan thoughts relax in the air, gaining lightness and vaporousness..."


"A human is able to wake up at 4am,go into the car & at 4pm be still willing to run all around with other humans & dogs in a big cage full of cages...But if an Afghan is woken up and put in the car at 4am,she has something else to do at 3pm!She wanna sleep!!Hurray for Tuuli!Hurray for the free Afghans!


Ariel goes mountain!


"I'm a light and easy flying Baby..."


"I like my new home!"




Daddy & Mommy