Seth/Shogun October 2005


"Shogun" aka former "Seth" got his name from his owners as a tribute to his family mate Shogun.

In fact he's very similar to his cousin: he's a very houndy and essential boy, tall and strong

yet refined, and so is his head. He has still some lovely long legs and he's in the middle of teenaging!

He has the sweetest, most outgoing temperament as well as a balanced and very typy movement.


He wins everyone's heart easily, just like his sister "Samantha"/"Sahira" does. They are a couple!

See more photos of him in our October News. Be sure also to look at some older photos of them in the Litter page.


  Seth starts out at 12 months winning his class and a Junior CAC at the Sighthound Specialty in Lostallo (CH).

Second show, Nov 13th, again Exc 1st :-) Good luck in the future!!


April 2006, due to an accident when playing he had to be shaved down after a surgical operation,

he'll be hopefully be back and shown later in the future.


He's adored by and owns Gianmaria Alippi & Massimo Rizzardi (CH).




Manu & Seth


Seth/Shogun October 2005 Seth/Shogun October 2005


Manu & Seth