Shogun, April 2007

When pictures speak for themselves...


Such a sweet boy, "Shogun" catches everyone's eyes easily at home. He has many fans!

Our very American looking boy, he's well constructed with a lovely long and chiselled headpiece.

He's the most dignified boy, but still with his own incredibly fun personality, unfortunately he has never been shown.

And by the way, he's the fastest Afghan ever! We should try him on Lure Coursing ;-)

After a while without much coat, he is now 'recovering'.


Born on January 1, 2001 we are glad to have added the beautiful "Justice" and "Kaiiki" to our bloodlines.

You can look at them in the Litters page.



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October 2005



- Shogun -


'Shogun' running free! April 10, 2005