Tigro on Feb 6, 2005


It's no secret some breeders keep their best dog at home - and we sadly did so too....


Another gentleman at Gran Pamir, unfortunately Tigro (or 'Tigger') has never been shown so far! With all our regret!

He looks extremely beautiful, masculin but yet elegant. With an outstanding body, long neck, chiselled head and with such a powerful movement, we think he's inherited his dad's great qualities.

And on top of that, he's the sweetest boy ever!

His coat is fully growing back. We hope to work on and show him in 2004 or 2005. 


 FLASH! September 2004

Tigro has been at his first show ever and won RCAC RCACIB / 2nd BM!


Bred & Owned by Gran Pamir.


On the move - Feb 6
Headstudy - Feb 6


Tigro July 9 2004


Tigro July 9 2004


Tigro July 9 2004

Tigro July 9 2004


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