On the stack and having fun @ 5 and 6 months

Taken as always by © Emanuela/Gran Pamir





Officially introducing more babies.... We let the pictures speak for themselves!

They would just like to send huge congrats to their daddy "Rush" for taking the US by storm during the

National weekend in September, earning easily points and BOB on to a Group 1st.




Xenos Jinx del Gran Pamir "Amélie"






Nymphadora Nexos del Gran Pamir "Indiana"







Bellatrix Bloxom del Gran Pamir "Bellatrix"






Narcissa Noxes del Gran Pamir "Narcissa"





Araminta Ayreez del Gran Pamir "Iris"





Felix Felicis del Gran Pamir "Felix"




And now lets have some fun!!


Amélie and Bellatrix playing wild


"Studying" new friends...


"Mom, what is this "big black thing" doing?"


"Ok, IF you really have to...."


"Love you, sis!"


Starting to feel tired... Sergio and the girls


Time to sleep after the wild games...