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Handler/Breeder of the Gran Pamir Dogs


A short resume of her Junior Handling career (written in 2001).



If you have time... enjoy!

I have been loving Afghan Hounds since my birth and of course I love handling them and other breeds. I started handling dogs at 3 years old. The first dog I handled was Gran Pamir's homebred Borzoi Champion Valuschka del Gran Pamir and we went Bis-3 in the Junior Handling competiton at the International Show in Torino. Unfortunately in Italy we don't have a championship for Junior Handlers. Then I handled Karjamawar del Gran Pamir (ENCI Young Warrant & winner of the famous Italian "Bravo & Bello" trophy) at a AH Specialty and she won Bis Puppy handled by myself under judge Rainer Vuorinen.

The first time I handled a dog - not in a Junior Handler competition - in an All Breeds Show was in 1990. I handled Alphaville's Lovenote del Gran Pamir who went RCAC with me. My first All Breeds BIS as a Junior Handler was in 1991 at seven years old. I handled Abd-El-Anishah del Gran Pamir and went BIS over about 30 entries.

I started handling dogs when I was 3 at allbreed and specialty competitions. Even if there were a very few allbreeds JH competitions I always placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd. In the last years the number of competitions got lower and this meant that there was only 1 big competition. The most important Junior Handling competition I won was the International Show in Milano, the biggest Italian show, when in 1997 I went BIS with CH El Ashraf Siyah Khan del Gran Pamir over more than 40 entries. It was probably the biggest number of entries at a JH competition ever in Italy. We don't have a "championship" for Junior Handlers, but winning that show I can say I was #1 JUNIOR HANDLER 1997. Since then I have performed in JH twice and got more dedicated to the allbreeds & specialty levels.  

I was # 1 JUNIOR HANDLER 1997 winning the Milano Int Show with Dodo, the only competition held that year in Italy.

I didn't handle very often dogs in those competitions but I won just about 5 All Breeds BIS and about 10 BIS - if not more - at Specialties as a Junior Handler and many placements as Runner Up BIS winner or 3rd in the BIS. I "officially" started handling dogs in All Breeds shows in 1993 at nine years old at a specialty with Freddie who went 3rd in the Baby Puppy class at a big specialty.

In 1998 I went to Scotland with my school so I could speak a quite fluent English for a week. Now I can speak via e-mail or chat to people involved in Afghans in Australia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, France, England, NZ, America (USA), etc. Through Internet I met new friends with my same interests: Afghans!

In 1999 I was Runner Up BIS with Faxe at the International Show in Milano. My last competition as a Junior Handler was in January where I went BIS-3 at the finals of the year (first year with more than 1 competition, but now I won't be able to show in JH anymore because I'm 17). Faxe has been my first own dog to handle because I'm handling her since her first show while the other dogs were also shown by my parents. I am happy because Faxe is winning a lot with me.

Now I handle Afghans and sighthounds from Group 10 and some breeds from Group 9.

Due to my school duties, I have not so much time to dedicate to my dogs (I just have time to train them and help with kennels things, to wash them when I can and last but not less important, to show them) as I have many subjects to study (around 10 subs a week), as I go to a school where I study 4 languages, Italian, English, German & French. That's also why I enjoy my spare time with computer works. I'm the webmaster to 7 well known sites and to other upcoming ones (stay tuned...). I have made ALL the texts you find in this site (apart from the Kennels profiles). 

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1991, me with Dodo at home.


Faxe and me


Faxe  [Click to enlarge]

Faxe and me in September 98