Emanuela & Tuuli (Faxe's daughter) - Summer 2004



Welcome to my little personal space on our website!

Well, at least you can put a name to face and get to know me a

little bit and see what I'm up to.


I'm Emanuela, but better known by friends as "Manu" and I'm one of the breeders/owners and the handler of the Afghans at Gran Pamir.


I was born on May 21st 1984, obviously daughter of Cinzia Aymaretti, who is the only one breed specialist in Italy and writer,

and Sergio Camia (computer/managing working).

I have an older sister Eleonora who is 25.




In the pics below you can see how it all started...

Born among the Afghans, starting to be hooked on shows at 3 years old and growing up.


Newborn Emanuela in 1984

Manu & Lovely practicing... Manu & Lovely....


Now 23 years, I got my High School degree in Languages and Commerce in 2003.

Due to the hard work done at school with my studies during ththose years, I did not do what I like the most:

going to shows and enjoy the time with the dogs.

After 5 exhausting HS years and an Exam pointscore of 97/100 in 2003, I am now studying at University,

soon starting my 3rd year in September 2006.

Anyway In 2004 starting out again, I finished "Tuuli" as # 1 Afghan Bitch (Allbreeds/Int shows system)

in Italy being the most winning bitch at International shows.

Until 2008 life has been busy for me, beyond refusing not to show often in

Italy for a number of reasons, so I was rarely seen in the rings.

In Feb '08 I graduated from University after three years (and a whole life) of hard work.




Something to brag about.... I was honoured to have been invited to speak together with my mother at the 2005 AH World Congress in SA, which unfortunately I couldn't attend due to personal commitments, though.

Thank You anyway!! What a honour!




Being born in an Afghan family, there's no doubt the Afghan Hound is the breed for me.

This is a difficult breed but can be very rewarding, their personality is one no other breed has.

Thanks to my mother's trips to other countries due to judging appointments, I have been able to see many dogs and many ways to keep and show and live with Afghans. I have particularly been glad to have attended as a visitor the Skokloster/Tammsvik shows in 2002, 2005 and 2007 something I will never forget! A must for everyone to see...

Also very nice to come back home with a couple of wins there handling Afghans and Greyhounds ;-)

These beautiful trips strenghtened my love for the Nordic Countries and their way of life!


Emanuela & "Sara", Freddie's outstanding daughter, pictured in Summer '01 Emanuela & Faxe, pictured in February 2002 just a couple of weeks before Faxe's puppies birth...


Among my other interests is travelling, I have been lucky enough to have visited countries like France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and Scotland where I have met some lovely people too.


I can say I am now hooked on photography (a family hobby!), visit the Gran Pamir Photography Site to see more.

My photos have been appreciated by exhibitors all over the world making me so proud!

But to me, the best is yet to come! One can only improve...

My photos taken in Summer 2005 (Tammsvik/Skokloster and Donaueschingen) have had such a huge success!

And also after that, I have been countinously asked to take pics (not only of Afghans) by breeders and owners.

I was also asked to take official photos at the AHC show in Mariefred/Skokloster, July 2006!

Thank you everyone who consider me a "promising young photographer", it's rewarding!!


I am is also interested in Graphic Arts, most of you know I run the online magazine "The Afghan Hound Post" known for its high class ads. I plan to extend this magazine to other breeds later on.

Last but not least for the last 7 years I have been creating several websites and more are coming. To read more about all this check the Links page and the Graphic Arts page.


Handling dogs is also something I like to do and I thank everyone who has entrusted me their dogs to be shown (and win!) by me, although I have been to very few shows lately. In Italy it is very hard to conquer your own spotlight as a handler as the big old ones don't leave much to the young ones... But I keep on working hard!


Manu & Dodo '91 FAXE & Manu 99 With Multi Ch Cartier Simply Irresistible "Palmer" in 1996 With Samir in 2000

I have several favourite breeds, apart from Afghans. Among these are Whippets, Miniature (Black) & Standard (White) Poodles, Basenjis & Pharaoh Hounds. Here is a list of some great dogs sites.

In the next page you'll read about her Junior Handling and see lots of photos.

 If you have time and want to know something more about her... enjoy!


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MSN granpamir15@hotmail.com - Manu


Emanuela & Faxe, pictured in February 2002 just a couple of weeks before Faxe's puppies birth...


Emanuela & Seth, October 2005