Resume by Cinzia Aymaretti



Welcome to learn about Gran Pamir.

Our Kennel is situated on the hills of Torino, the first Italian capital, in the North-West just next to the Alps.

I was born with a destiny to love Afghan Hounds written in my genes, as my parents Rosemma & Lorenzo Aymaretti, had been the first Afghan Hound breeders in Italy, getting their kennel prefix registered by It. K.C. (ENCI) and F.C.I. in the 50's.

They could obtain a golden dog directly from Afghanistan at that time, but their foundation stock were from the "classic" greatest Champions in Europe.

Ch El Kamas Danish Dominator

In those years they imported first of all It Ch Maharani v.d. Irminsul, a bitch from Ch Swetley v.d. Irminsul x Ch Maruuf v.d. Irminsul, linebred from Ch Badshah of Ainsdart, Ch Sirdar of Ghazni, Lakki Marwat, Ch Garrymhor Faiz Bu Hassid and the other old "greats". She was mated to Ch Cervetto of Khorrassan linebred to the original English lines: Ravelly, Turkuman, Carloway.

Then they got Ch Oschingis (from the same bloodline of the famous Ch Ophaal of Crown Crest), a Chota grandson.

From this stock we got many champions.

In the 60's we imported some other producers to blend with our genetic pool: Ch Morello of Mooonswift, a red bitch from Carloway lines, BIS Ch El Kamas Danish Dominator, a grandson of Ch Horningsea Tigers Eye and of the beautiful BIS Am Nord Multi Ch El Kamas Wladimir. He was the very first brindle Afghan in Italy, and the first one from Scandinavia at all, a true rarity.



In the 70's we added Ch El Kamas Danish Daredevil from Denmark again. I was very young but I travelled alone to Denmark for the first time to choose him in a litter from BIS WW MCh Haboob von Katwiga x Ch Safarina Begum el Miharaja. He became an Italian, International, Europe Sieger, Top Producer, multi-champion producer and multi-BIS Champion and lived 15 years with us.

In '74 we got BIS Ch Khaza's Amohi (BIS Multi Ch Huilaco's Antar Rakashi x a Grandeur linebred bitch, Saoura de Port Francois). He was a Top Producer too, according to ENCI rules. He was Westminster BIS Ch. Shirkhan of Grandeur great great grandson.

During the successive years we bred many champions and many CAC, CACIB, BIS, BOB winners, even if we always carried a very limited and selecting breeding and/or showing in a "family matter" home kennel, aiming to top quality not quantity.

Ch El Kamas Danish Daredevil

Some of our champions in the 80's were Ch Khyndrah del Gran Pamir, Ch Asman Blu Tygrah del Gran Pamir, SBIS & BIS It Int Ch Tiger Sandokhan del Gran Pamir, Ch Khamrahy del Gran Pamir and others....

In our breeding programme we usually tried to keep on with our own bloodline with bitches to be bred to producers from different, interesting lines when additional positive inputs of foreign bloodlines were needed in our minds.

In the 80's, after the marriage with my husband Sergio and the birth of two "puppy girls" of our own production, we had to restrict our activity in showing and breeding Afghans for some years and take care of our human family.

Ch El Ashraf Siyah Khan del Gran Pamir

In '89, we added to our breeding some Australian bloodlines from the famous Khandhu Kennel and we bred Top Producer and Champion Producer Multi SBIS & BIS Ch El Ashraf Siyah Khan del Gran Pamir, a black and blue brindle dog who was awarded two Specialties Best in Show over about 100 Afghans (a record for Italy), with judges Mr Magnus Hagstedt and Mrs Isobel Dyke at A.H. Club of Italy (AIALA). This was also a true rarity to use Australian Afghans in Italy for the very first time. He was SBIS & BIS Austr Ch Khandhu Laser Litefoot's grandson.

 In my opinion, he enhanced most (if not all) of the typical points we aim for in the breed: he was aloof and dignified, proud, and sound of body and temperament, a great mover with that stylish "touch of class" I love so much in Afghans.


He produced six litters, one with an Italian bred Gran Pamir bitch, three with a SBIS & BIS It Int Sw Fr Germ Ch Kefalaris Scenario daughter, Absorba's Indira Ghandi, who is linebred Katwiga, and from one of which we picked out for ourselves his son near Ch Afghan Khan Must Go On del Gran Pamir "Freddie" (a CAC/CACIB BOG winner). The fourth litter was from Boxadan Big Girls Don't Cry which we are very proud of her winning sons. This litter turned out to be one of the best we've ever bred, consisting in three Champions (Club/Italian/International), a very rare thing in Italy and we can say it's quite a record nowadays, and multi coursing winners. We repeated this faboulous breeding and we decided to keep 2 outstanding babies: a brindle boy, Katumba El Tazman Devil del Gran Pamir -"Tigro" - and a black 'n tan girl, Kush Millah Millah del Gran Pamir - "Millah".

Some of Ashraf's offsprings: from left to right Millah, Freddie, Faxe, Tigro

Ch EI Ashraf sister, Producing Ch El Aruz I Asman del Gran Pamir was bred to SBIS & BIS Multi Ch Casbar Sno Blast (Taco's son) and got CAC/CACIB offspring. We hope to work blending these genetic pools over the next years, aiming for body and mind health, correct typical temperament and attitude, soundness and proudness as we allways tried to get in our breeding, going ahead to improve the breed without losing of their inheritance. Then she was bred to the brindle Xenos Oxilon (SBIS & R/U BIS Multi Ch Khandhu Accolade x Kefalari's Stand By).

Unfortunately our breeding programme couldn't increase due to family and work necessities and lack of time, but a third generation of Gran Pamir breeders is taking over, as our daughters are growing up with love for Afghans, they handle and win with their Afghans.

Ch Dhunay del Gran Pamir

Apart from Afghans, I like to adjoin our activities in Borzois breeding. Since 1965 we have owned and sparingly bred Borzois too in a very low number of litters. Our stud foundation dog was Ch Craf von Troybhiko from Nederlands and the first bitch was Chantal di Roccabarbara (daughter of World Winner - Multi Champions) carrying French and English classic lines.

We bred many champions until the 80's, among them I want to name Ch Baryshnykov del Gran Pamir and Ch Nijinsky del Gran Pamir and Nureyev del Gran Pamir, out from Ch Jasmine del Gran Pamir x Ch Andrey ad Zarenreich.

We bred about 20 champions with multi BIS Winners.

Our last Borzoi died in 2002, but we stopped showing in the late '80s.

Back to Afghans, in the last years we reinforced our Australian connection adding new lines through our latest import and sire of our last two litters Alphaville's The Golddigger del Gran Pamir "Fabio" (Sweden). He's sired by Cinzia's Finnish BIS in 94 Multi Ch Scaramis Da Capo, the top winning Afghan Hound in Finland of all times, himself a son of Multi Ch Boxadan Xercise Makes Master. Fabio's mother instead carries more Khandhu lines different than what we already had before.

So far Fabio sired two litters, one out of Ch Faxe Fad Fair del Gran Pamir (2 years old) and one by Kush Millah Millah del Gran Pamir (born April '04). His kids out of Faxe are already CAC/BOB/Group Placing winners; also their daughter "Venus" was European Hope 2002 (Eur CH from the 6-9 m class), Club Jun Champion and # 1 Jun Afghan in Italy '02, she's also the youngest and first Italian bitch to ever qualify for Crufts by winning in Paris in 2002.

In 2001 we also got our pick of the Freddie x Meli litter "Shogun", who carries the beautiful

and stylish type of his grandfather BIS Ch Tifarah's Moral Victory.

All in all over the past years we have owned and bred over 50 champions and even more titles, with an uncounted number of champion offspring that our dogs produced for different kennels. Most of all the first Afghan Hounds Italian kennels were founded upon our own bred foundation stock and actually most of all Italian breeding carries on in their breeding our bloodlines "Gran Pamir".

Of course we are very proud of everything we have done for the breed in Italy and abroad, with our own work in Afghans all over the years.  We are also proud of all our FCI licensed sporting dogs/bitches too (coursing and track): the first FCI licensed Afghan to get the Champion (Shows) title also is a Gran Pamir bitch (Ch Asman Blu Tygrah del Gran Pamir).

Gran Pamir has exported Afghans and Borzois to Three Continents.

By the way, the Gran Pamir Afghans they were chosen to "play" in un uncountable number of movies and tv commercials as well for photography sessions (fashion, tv, movies, commercials, magazines, dog magazines).

Our Afghans are not artificially made up, but what you see is what you get.

Our aim is to improve the details we think are most important without never losing control on others. Our goal is produce Dogs that suit the Afghan standard in the most perfect way and to our own likes, and we are glad we actually have been able to do so.


Our philosophy is breeding to preserve the true Afghan Type improving temperament, soundness and beauty.

We breed very few litters and the quality of the puppies in each litter is always even, very high. That's why we don't sell pet quality dogs; they are all the same to us and each one is deeply loved, they are our children.

During their lives in other homes we never lose track of what they go through and follow them until their last day.


February 2004, and yes it was beautiful though!

February 21, 2004 - Our 'snow covered' house!


Summer Time - part of our Garden

Gran Pamir's Newborn Card, for Eleonora & Emanuela

This is where we reside and where the dogs RULE!

The Garden, Gran Pamir's Newborn Card for Eleonora & Emanuela & Our Household!