- December 18 -

Erba International All Breed Christmas Show


Emanuela wanted to put one more CAC on Tuuli before finishing the year. And she did it!

It was a windy day outside, so it just had to be Tuuli's day!


Zoomin' Fairy del Gran Pamir aka "Tuuli" - CAC CACIB BOB

And (Supergirl) Gran Pamir Miss She's Bliss aka "Iara" - Junior BOS


Iara Tuuli Isha


This was Iara's third win in a row, we are more than pleased! VP 2nd in the class was

Kyber's daughter Vain Jane and VP 3rd the great moving "Isha" GP Miss Lil White Star.

This show had the 2nd biggest Afghan entry (all breeds) of the year, as far as we know!

Judge was Mrs Liliane De Ridder Onghena from Belgium.


Vain Jane Iara on the move


This last win sees Tuuli as one of Italy's Top Winning Afghan Bitches All Breed 2004.

Also, to our knowledge, no other bitch has won as many Cacib's as her in Italy this year. Wow!!


Seasons Greetings to all our friends! Wishing you all a great 2005!


Seth & Co wish you Happy Holidays!


By the way, we started to re-design our site... yes we are crazy!!

It will be hopefully out for the New year, watch out!



- December 4 -

Genova International All Breed Show


- Tuuli wins Res CAC in Open Class-

- Tigro Exc 3rd in Open Class -

at his last show for a while now. Maybe he will be out sometimes again in 2005.


Judge was Terry Thorn (UK).

Thanks for your nice words about them, although it wasn't really their day this time...


Here is a photo of 8 months old "Bond" - Gran Pamir Mr Golden Boy (Fabio x Millah)

He wasn't entered unfortunately! But he will hopefully try some shows later.

He's owned by the Spirandelli Family, Italy.


Bond, December 4 '04






- November 14 -

AHC Specialy Show - Varese


Second time out, second win!



under respected judge Mr Michael Canalizo (USA)


Iara winning Junior SBIS pict. with Emanuela & Judge

Thank You for having nothing but good words about her ("very nice puppy, very correct movement")!

And for your beautiful comments ("the total dog today") on her big moving sister "Isha" as well - who placed VP 3rd.

So far, "Iara" has beaten Puppies from 5 countries... in just two shows!!

Both are owned by Isabell Janza & Igor Maggioni.


And also congratulations to Kyber's baby girl out of Hannah! First time out...


Vain Jane - Opposite Baby In Show

Bred & owned by Agnese Della Rocca.


Way to go!! She's just a showoff and

we look forward to seeing more of her later!

And congrats on litter sister

and brother on their 3rd place too :-)






- October ? -

National Lure Coursing in Ravenna


Yet another great day for SHON!

At the last competition of the year, he won again the CAC

with a pointscore of 190/200.


Now we're proud to say that he's


... almost undefeated! His worst placement was a RCACIL!


He only needs an Exc rating at a dogshow to become a Champion. Till next year!

Shon is proudly owned, loved and perfectly trained by Sokola Hajnalka, Roma.



- October 30 -

News from Holland!


Just thought we would share this cute photo!


"Eyebrows in the Air"!


Left, "Shakka" - Only One Way My Way

(Kyber x Kouros Hannah)

Right, "Diva" - Alphavilles The Ultimate Creation

(Ingenue Sebaztian x Alphavilles She's A Perfect Ten)


Shakka and Diva are a sort of "looking like brothers" best friends!

We wish Shakka's owners Han & Gonny (Knl El Tayranils, Holland) best

of luck with their gorgeous boy!! Diva is owned by Paula Kenny.



- October 2 -

Sighthound Specialty Show in Lostallo (Switzerland)


"Iara" & "Isha" (former Ms Piggy & Stellina) and their owners' first show ever!

Starting out with a BANG...





On to win BOB Winning Puppy BIS


Showing like a real experienced showdog, Iara is getting noticed at the tender age of only 6 months!

Her sister "Isha", Gran Pamir Miss Lil White Star got 'Very Promising' too,

but like all the other puppies in the class she was "unplaced", only the winner was known.

Thank You Judge Mrs E-M Klepp (Norway) for appreciating these Sweeties.


Iara & Isha's critiques:

Iara: "Very sweet little puppy, nice head, dark eyes, very good lenght of topline, well related,

long neck, good feet, well formed body for age.

Shows a lot of character. Good sidedrive, well presented (shown by breeder)."


Isha: "Sweet puppy, nice head, long neck, ok topline, well angled long legs, well developed for age.

Nice feet, good bones, moves well. Well presented (shown by owner)."


Both cuties from Fabio x Millah litter are owned by Isabell Janza & Igor Maggioni in Switzerland.

You're doing a great job guys! Keep it up :-)


And "Tuuli" was Exc 2nd in Open Class. Anyway, her movement is once again recognized:

"...She moves with the right Afghan steps".






- September 12 -

National Lure Coursing in Rieti


The weekend has been more than successful, both on the field and conformation...

"Shon" - Shayraf Gran Pamir de l'Isle Rare

conquers another CACL!! What can we say?!


He leads for the Top Winning LC Afghan, he's had a spectacular year on the field...

And only one competition is left for the year.

Unfortunately one year must pass between the first and last CACL so we have to wait

to celebrate the New Champion to be... Great job as usual Hajni & Fabio!




- September 11 -

Torino International All Breeds Show


Back from a hot day!

We finally made the big step, showing "Tigro" for the very first time!

And of course "Tuuli" left the mark again...


 Zoomin' Fairy del Gran Pamir * CAC CACIB BOS

 Katuumba ElTazman Devil del Gran Pamir * RCAC RCACIB / 2nd BM

For Judge Mr Renai Della Rena, Italy





So that was a good start for our Big Boy,

although he will be seldom shown.

With this latest win, Tuuli is still one of

Italy's Top Winning Afghan Bitches

All Breed, sparingly shown...

No need to say we're very proud of

our beautiful girl!


Tuuli & Tigro's Critiques:

"Well proportioned bitch of good type, well developed muzzle, oriental eyes, very good topline,

beautiful feet, good croup, well muscled, good angles, moves with great spring."

"Male with lots of substance, correct dentition, correct muzzle and skull details, oriental

expression, good topline, very deep croup, correct angles, moves well with good spring."




- September 9 -

Fabio & Liliath Puppies born!!


1 Boy & 5 Girls in shades of Black N Brindle & Black N Tan/Silver.

Mom and babies are doing fine!

More updates later...








- August 1 -

Official KC Regional Show - Sauze d'Oulx

(Home of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games)


We took a day off from daily routine and went up to the mountains to have some fun,

right in the middle of this very hot Summer...

Well, the Girl is getting noticed...


Zoomin' Fairy del Gran Pamir "Tuuli"



Over SBIS & BIS competition




Judges Mr P.R. Flynn (AUS, Breed), Mr S Rivolta (Group), Mr S Tripoli (BIS)




"Léon" Gran Pamir Mr Wise N Wild Wind

was BOB Puppy with beautiful critiques

and a brilliant performance

at his first show!


He's owned by Gregory Ploger & Family


See some more photos from the show here


Cute Léon






- July 25 -

International Lure Coursing in Belluno


YEAH!!! Yet another success for Freddie's kid!


After a brilliant performance in Belgium

"Shon" - Shayraf Gran Pamir de l'Isle Rare

won another CACL CACIL BOB & Best Pointscore (196/200 pts)

out of all Sighthounds entered!

Judges: Mr H Keller (CH) & Mrs MT Durando (I)


And he's now well on the way to finish his It LC CH title!

And to our knowledge he's currently Italy's Top Winning LC Afghan with 2 CACL,



Could we be more proud of you guys?!


Here at Gran Pamir things are quiet, just enjoying the really hot summer...

 Our current showdog "Tuuli" is keeping herself fit and turning into a gorgeous adult (or almost!)

Lady, looking forward to a few and selected appointments to come up next.




- July 6 -

Upcoming Litter!


On the 6th & 7th of July..

... 'Liliath' has been bred to 'Fabio'!


Puppies Expected out of

Alphaville's The Golddigger del Gran Pamir x Nr Ch Love Me Tender Liliath del Gran Pamir

in early September 2004!


Visit the Litter Page for more infos, photos and pedigree

about this interesting combination! Or Email us for further details.




- July 3 -

FCI European Lure Coursing Championship, Hotton (Belgium)


"Shon" - Shayraf Gran Pamir de l'Isle Rare went 5th!

The entry was huge with Afghans (over 60!) & Sighthounds coming from all over Europe!

Full results here


We at Gran Pamir are very proud of Shon, Hajni and Fabio,

You're doing a wonderful job guys!! Way to go! We are sure the best is yet to come...


"Shon" was bred by Mrs Caillat (Knl Isle Rare) in France.


Shon in Action!






- June 13 -

Bergamo International All Breeds Show


Just before the Summer break, 'Tuuli' finishes in style her first show season!




The judge was changed into Mr F. Ferrari (I). Thanks for appreciating our Girl!


Breed judging

Resting after work!


Now at just 2 years and after few shows she has all her 4 Nat & Int Allbreeds CAC with several Breed

wins at her credit. She is now 'only' 2 Specialty CAC away from her Italian title. Anyway, she will still be sparingly shown and will further appear at very selected Specialties.

Also, she now needs 2 foreign CACIB to finish her Int title, so we're looking forward

to showing her somewhere abroad later.


"Tuuli" is currently a Top Winning Bitch in Italy for no. of CACs won/All breeds system.




- June 13 -

Gibraltar International All Breeds Show


On the same day, we heard that "Leo" Kuuringai Khangaleo del Gran Pamir

was awarded Res CAC under Mr Rafael De Santiago from Puerto Rico!


"Leo" as a puppy


It was a big surprise since we haven't heard about him for so long nor we

knew he was being shown!

Well, hats off to his owners Mr Roberto Santini & Mrs Svetlana Zelenovscaiain in Spain.

When we last saw him he looked like a beautiful young black stallion...

He's a littermate to Tigro & Millah, sired by Ashraf x Feline.




- June 8 -


Kyber & Hanna puppies were born on June 7!

3 Boys / 6 Girls


We'll update on their colors in few days!

Photos coming hopefully soon too...


For more infos just scroll down the page and read more!




- June 6 -


We've just received some lovely photos of "The Courser"

Shayraf Gran Pamir de l'Isle Rare "Shon"


Shon in Action!


Thank You Hajni for these lovely photos!

We wish you Best of Luck at the European Lure Coursing Championship in Belgium!

Daddy 'Freddie' is very proud of his son representing Italy!


Hajni & Shon




Also Congratulations to Mrs MC Leonardi and her 11 yr old 'Monet-B' (by Mymabadshay del Gran Pamir)

on winning Best Veteran at the European Winner Dog Show in Barcelona this weekend.






- May 20 -


On April 8 & 9

- Kouros Hannah has been bred to young Mr FairyFab Dandy Fancy del Gran Pamir "Kyber" -



"Hanna" is owned by and the litter will be bred by Agnese Della Rocca. "Kyber" is owned by Marco Federici.

Puppies due June 2004, all colors expected. Good luck!





- May 15 -

Rapallo International All Breeds Show


View from the show, famous Portofino

Another good weekend for Tuuli aka Zoomin' Fairy del Gran Pamir!


Beating (ALL) Champions and/or SBIS Winners!!


Thank You Judge Mr Des Manton from Ireland!

Judge's comment: "Pleasing overall shape and balance, good angles, front and rear.

Ok topline and depth. Presented in good coat and condition.

Moves easily with good grace and style, good front springy action."


Our current young Showgirl has been out very few times and is now at halfway to her Ch title. She also got her first Cacib toward the International title.

Anyway she will still be sparingly shown next, but watch for her...

May 9




- May 9 -

Albenga National All Breeds Show


After some weeks, here is Tuuli again...

She takes her 2nd CAC BOB and GROUP 2nd!


Thanks to judges G. Bezzecchi & S. Rivolta, Italy


The day was beautifully windy so we took some very nice photos... see MORE pics in her page!


Handsome Tuuli

Tuuli with Manu

"Tuuli" Zoomin' Fairy del Gran Pamir






- May 9 -

International Lure Coursing in Soiano del Lago


On the same day Shayraf Gran Pamir de l'Isle Rare won RCACL & RCACIL

with 187 points over a huge International Entry...

He missed the certificate for only 1 point :-(

Judges were Quartisch-Fricke H. (D) & Leandri L. (I)


Well done again Hajni & Fabio... way to go!!

So far this year he's one of Italy's Top Winning Afghan Lure Coursers...






- April 04 -

International (CACIL) Lure Coursing, Rieti


CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Freddie's son

- Shayraf Gran Pamir de l'Isle Rare -

 "The" exceptional Lure Courser!


"Shayraf" won CACL & CACIL & BOB for both the Italian & International LC titles!

He got 183 pts. and was the Best among over other 50 Sighthounds!! Way to go!

Judges Mr Hugo Keller (CH) & Mr Massimo Bottura (I)

Congratulations owners Hajni & Fabio!








- March 22 -


New kids in Town!



** See more photos here! **





- March 3 -


It's official!... "Millah" is pregnant!

We are expecting puppies in about 3 weeks ;-)


Almost all puppies are spoken for, only few might be available.

Contact us if interested.


"Millah" Kush Millah Millah del Gran Pamir









- February 15 -

Biella National All Breeds Show


Father & Daughter News!

We've just started to show in Open class our 23 month old "Tuuli"... and she's enjoying it!


Still one of her first shows... Todays results:



For Judge G. Murante, Italy



This was Tuuli's first CAC on the way to the very difficult Italian CH title,

but we are sure more are to come as she matures into a beautiful adult lady!

She will be selectively shown. Watch for her in the future!