Happy Holidays!




- December 18 -


These guys are hot! We're very proud of Kyber kids' accomplishments...


At the last show of the year, the INT Show in Erba

Here There N Everywhere - "Banou"

won CAC CACIB BOB first time out in the Open Class!!

So this makes two BOB winners at Int shows from the litter.


Well done owners & breeder!




- December 11 -


Very BIG Congratulations to

Limocello Sweet Taste - "Limone"

 in Korea on finishing his Champion title at the tender age of 18 months!!!



Korea is a now known country for worldwide imports fom top kennels, so we are very pleased

for his success which includes Multiple Group wins at Natl / Intl shows!

Daddy Kyber and his family at Gran Pamir is very proud!

Hats off to his owner Yeoun!




Ariel loves Xmas! Drawing by Assunta Loreti


Wishing You All a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with Joy & Happiness!






- November 13 -

Ivrea National All breed Show




Gran Pamir Born To Love You

Exc 1st in the Youth Class (2nd time out)


Here There N Everywhere (Kyber daughter)

Exc 1st in the Youth Class


Not being there, sorry no pics :(




Seth, Oct 05




- November 13 -

Puppy news


Little "Zara" GP Crystal N Cream Cloud - Leon's new friend!

Puppies were born in September!


We are finally up to add some details here about this litter, although the puppies might  be already all spoken for.


Proud sire is a Shogun litterbrother and Freddie son

Siyah O'Gran Pamir de la Vallee de la Vezere,

and mother is the blue brindle

Ralan-Eylgah de la Vallee de la Vezere,

who spent some months here sometimes ago.


7 puppies were born in the exciting colors of

Creme Domino, Oyster Brindle, Red Brindle,

Brindle and Black masked Golden.


This is a really interesting bloodline combination,

read the litter pedigree and see some puppy pics here!







- October 8 -

National Lure Coursing in Ravenna


The same old story....

It LC Ch Shayraf Gran Pamir de l'Isle Rare


Judge Mr Massimo Bottura (I)


So far, the Most Winning LC Afghan Hound 2005...

We won't add any comments :-)


Don't forget to see the Boy starring here!



- October 8 -


As already said, luckily there are some babies keeping our name high when we are not showing...



At the Specialty Show in Bastia Umbra under judge George Kostopolous Kyber kids

'Banou' - Here There N Everywhere won Youth BOB &

'Shakka' - Only One Way My Way was Youth BOS.

Banou was also Best Youngster at the Livorno Specialty in September.


And at a KC Show in Korea their littermate "Limone" Limoncello Sweet Taste won anoher

Best Junior of Breed. He's also a Breed/Group Placing winner.

Flash: Oct 23 - Limone wins MCAC CACIB BOB Group 1 under Mr Huidobro Corbett of Huilaco Knl.

He's now at halfway to his Ch title, 16 months old with Multiple Group wins!



- October 1 -

Sighthound Specialty Show in Lostallo (Switzerland), 30th Anniversary Show

Judge: Mrs Iren Roher (Daruma)


Seth aka Shogun

Our sweet boy starts out in the best way!


Junior CAC

at the tender age of 12 months, first time out! He's proudly owned by Alippi & Rizzardi (CH).


Seth aka Shogun


Also, we decided to show the Golden Girl after ages at home before the year is over. Although the best on the day to many, she had slightly less luck but anyway we're pleased with her beautiful performance.


Winner of Open Class & RCAC






This was Tuuli's first appearance in the ring after months, but also her last one for a while again. She will

still be seldom shown in Italy. But she might be seen around you next year, if our plans go fine... :-)


--> See more photos here <--

More pics in their individual pages...






- September 25th -

International Allbreed show in Roma


Though we have not been showing for sometime now, at least

there's another Baby from Gran Pamir blood who is earning merits.


Today, for one of her first Allbreed appearances

Vain Jane "Dasy" - BEST OF BREED

from the Youth class at 15 months, over adult competition and

Specialty winners under respected judge Mrs Bitte Ahrens (Sobers).


Dasy 13 months old


Congratulations Dasy & Agnese, here grandpa Fabio & grandma Faxe are very proud!




- September 4th -

National Lure Coursing in Rieti


"Shon" continues his winning ways!

It LC Ch Shayraf Gran Pamir de l'Isle Rare


He continues to be one of the Top Winning dogs for the second year in a row,

after being the Top Winning Afghan in 2004. Well done Hajni!

He was qualified to represent Italy at the European Championship

in Germany, end of September 2005!




- Kyber sons News -


Congratulations again to "Shakka"

Only One Way My Way

Opposite Best Youngster in Show

at the Specialty Show in Gelsenkirchen (Germany), August 2005!


Shakka - Aug 2005 Limone as a puppy


And Well done to "Limone" as well

Limoncello Sweet Taste

on his recent wins in Korea!

Good luck next!!






- July 31 -

Tammsvik - Skokloster Summer Sighthound Show - SWEDEN


Not often you get to visit "the" good Sighthound show... or even get to show to one.

But when you attend as a visitor one such Tammsvik-Skokloster, it's always a special feeling.

Folks, we're talking about the most famous and probably largest Sighthound Show in the world!


We had planned our visit there for sometime, as Cinzia had to judge the weekend before

in Northern Germany. So what better chance to visit again Sweden!

Unfortunately for several reasons we were not able to take any dogs with us

so we just enjoyed our holiday as visitors to several shows and few countries.


Tammsvik 2005

On Sunday 31, we were just sitting ringside looking

at some nice dogs when Emanuela was asked to

handle a young dog in the very nice Youth class.

She couldn't say "no", of course!

So here are the news...





(Mr Sandman's Tell A Zcoop x  Boxadan Let 'Em Talk)

10 months old.



Tammsvik Sighthound Show!

Judge Mrs Birgitha Runmarker

(BIS Judge)




Thanks to owner Heikki Tukkila & breeder

Lotte Jorgensen for this opportunity.

The total entry of the show was over 800 dogs.

"Dennis" & Emanuela also competed for Best Male, standing in between some beautiful dogs.


Also congratulations to Saturday's BIS winner Ch Ingenue Sebaztian, 3rd time BOB

in Tammsvik: he won his first one under Cinzia in 2002!

And after this holiday, who wants to still show in Italy?!?! ;-)


So these were our holidays, which ended with Cinzia judging Afghans at the

European Sighthound Winner Show in Donaueschingen (D). Nice trip!

Visit the Gallery of show photos taken by Emanuela!


Manu at Tammsvik-Skokloster, July 2005






- July 10 -


Photo by Emanuela

Way to go 'Shakka'!


Only One Way My Way

BOB, Group 1 & BIS-4 in Holland, 1 year old!


Well done Gonny & Han!

His half Italian family is very proud of

this beautiful promising young boy.




- July 3 -


"Bond" & owner Samuele won another BIS-2 in Junior Handling,

for their third competition together!






- June 25 -

Orvieto International All Breeds Show


We're proud of this handsome boy!


He finishes his title at a little over 14 months old (on the 22th) with

32 points, 30 required, of which 20 were won at International shows!

And he started out at 10 months old qualifying for Crufts'06... Quite a record ;-)

Always "Excellent", he was almost undefeated, being Exc 1st -and getting pts-

in Youth class 8 times this year, twice R/U at Int & Sp. shows.

Oh, and by the way most of the time he was shown, there was a change of judge!

Now he's a Multiple Youth BOB, BOB & BOS winner!


Mostly owner/handled, he's the first Afghan Hound for his owners, the Ploger Family!

We're so proud of you all :-) Keep up the great work!!




- June 12 -

Poggibonsi National All Breeds Show


Gran Pamir Mr Wise'N Wild Wind - "Léon"

Winner of the Youth Class again!

Well done!


Only one win is left to get the title, and he's only 14 months old.

Thank you judge Mr Sinko (Slo) for appreciating him

although this time he was way too playful in the ring ;-)




- June 5 -

Baveno National All Breeds Show


Last time she missed it for little, this time she didn't let it to anyone else :)


Jr Ch Miss Fair N Fire del Gran Pamir "Venus"

~ CAC & BOB ~


... over Champions and a nice Natl show entry!

She had a nice comeback with 2 CCs in a row :-)





Shakka - Pict. by Emanuela

Only One Way My Way "Shakka"

Winner of the Youth class

Owned by G & H De Niet (Hol)


Vain Jane "Dasy"

Winner of the Youth class

Owned by A Della Rocca

Dasy - Pict. by Emanuela

Thank You judge Mr Rivolta!


"Bond" (2nd in the class) & owner Samuele competed in JH for the 2nd time ever

and this time they were BIS-2 among a nice group of Juniors! Well done!


Sorry, we lost all our pictures from the ring due to a CF memory crash!




- June 2 -

Bra National All Breeds Show


She's back to learn again what shows are just about....

Second time out in a week, we're glad of how she did, though

she was so near to win BOB.


Jr Ch Miss Fair N Fire del Gran Pamir "Venus"

~ CAC & BOS ~

gTo the eventual Bis winner



And on the same day...





- June 2 -

Parma National All Breeds Show


Gran Pamir Mr Wise'N Wild Wind - "Léon"

won the Youth Class again and eventually went

BEST OF BREED for the second time, 14 months old!

Now few points are left ;-)


Then the day ended nicely as Léon

and his young 10 yr old owner Jonathan went 3rd Best in

Junior Handling competition, first time in the ring for them together too!




We are so proud of all you, our Afghans couldn't find better, devoted families!






- May 29 -

Salice Terme National All breed Show


Summer has come! With a temperature between 35/40°C, you'd bet....!


Gran Pamir Mr Golden Boy

Winner of the Youth Class & BOS with a great critique!

And at the end of the day 'Bond' and his 10 yr old owner Samuele competed in

Junior Handling for the first time ever and ended up as BIS-3!


Bond Venus


And remember that gorgeous yet stubborn thing named Venus? 

aka Jr Ch Miss Fair N Fire del Gran Pamir...


After 1 ½ year at home she's back and was Reserve in Open Class with a nice

comment from the judge too. Yes, she's just too beautiful to stay home...


Also, Congratulations to Kyber's daughter Vain Jane "Dasy"

on winning the Youth Class as well!



All photos by Gran Pamir :)




- May 17 -

Show News


We would just like to congratulate Tigro & Millah's Bro "Leo"

Kuuringai Khangaleo del Gran Pamir


... on his Multiple CAC CACIB BOB wins in Portugal under respected judges!

He'd need only a single Cac to finish.


Well done Roberto & Svetlana!




- May 15 -

International Lure Coursing - Soiano del Lago

'Freddie' salutes his son Shon who can now call himself



who won his last (5th) CACL & (3rd) CACIL, after months of rest!


There were 150 Sighthounds entered and about 30 Afghans.

Judge was Joselyne Gagné Ivanowskis (Can).


A spectacular career would only top with a superb finish!

Congratulations Hajni & Fabio on your great work with him!


By the way, he's currently being featured in a Dry Food TV Advert here in Italy!




- May 14 -


The new issue of Baraka Book is out.....


..... and features "Kyber" as the Cover Boy.

What can we say, it is a nice memory of how he

looked when still in coat! Judge for yourself....


Don't forget to look for Gran Pamir inside ads

featuring the boy and his sister Tuuli, as well as an

interesting article written by Cinzia.


Also, the inside back cover features a photo taken by Emanuela.


Have fun!

Kyber, 2004




- May 13 -


The very well arranged South African Congress is now over! It was a success...

Soon to be published here and on other well known websites,

Cinzia's topic regarding her "Definitive Study for a Sole Standard"!


The Congress Venue - Cascade Hotel

Sun City Wild life


More photos coming soon either here or the TAHP website!






- April 25 -

Ravenna National All Breed Show


It's the Young ones' Year!

Léon's out again and guess what...


Not only he wins his class but also


defeating Open dogs, just 13 months old!


 He was owner-handled by Gregory Ploger, well done!!

Thank You Mrs Marja Kavcic (Slo).


Enjoy this kid's results in the meanwhile, we'll be out again soon with the Girl...




- April 26 -

Rieti National Lure Coursing





Well done Hajni :-)




- April 10 -


Afgaani back cover - Issue # 1 2005

*Tuuli* is featured as the Back Cover Girl

of the well known Finnish Magazine



Thank you all for the nice incoming

comments on her :-)

Stay tuned, more about her is coming out later!


To know more about "Afgaani", visit the Sa-fa website!


She'll be seldom shown next, though; she thinks it's time to try to

involve her sister 'Venus' in the game now :-)







- March 28 -

 Ostiglia National All Breed Show


6th show of the Year - under an horrible weather!

Léon wins again the Youth Class/Best Youngster, at his 6th outing since January.


In 6 shows he has now 4 x Exc 1 and 2 x Exc 2 (both at Int & Spec. shows).

He's at over halfway to his Junior CH title at 12 months old

and after 5 weekends of showing.


Shown by owner Gregory Ploger :-)




March 2005

Also, we'd like to introduce

one of Kyber's daughters,

who might have a bright

future ahead of her!




Pictured at 9 months

with her breeder Agnese Della Rocca.


Photos by Emanuela


March 2005March 2005




- March 27 -

Happy 9th Birthday "Mamy" Faxe!!


- March 22 -

Happy 1st Birthday Iara, Isha, Millah, Léon, Bond, Mr Bo!!


We've had a few Birthdays to celebrate in March ;-]




- March 14 -


We're celebrating a birthday with a brag!


According to the "Migliore di Razza" Magazine System

"Tuuli" aka Zoomin' Fairy del Gran Pamir is the



Tuuli - Ph by Sergio Camia


This magazine hosts the official Italian All Breed Ranking System and

points are given according to the number of dogs defeated and BOB/CACIBs won:-)


All in all, 2004 wasn't that bad... just as a reminder, in Lure Coursing

as well the year was good, with "Shon" being the Top Winning Afghan!


So now, Happy Birthday to

Tuuli, Venus, Kyber, Mulan, Julia, Khyndrah, Sasha, Fairy!!!




- March 20 -


More News from the Show Year 2004*


Gran Pamir Miss She's Bliss

# 2 Junior Bitch

Gran Pamir Miss Lil White Star

# 4 Junior Bitch


Shown only once at a Specialty :-)

Owned by Isabell Janza & Igor Maggioni, Switzerland.


* Afghan Club Specialy System




- March 5 -

Mantova International All Breed Show


4th show of the Year - More Léon News!!


 A real "Mr Wise'N Wild Wind", he keeps on winning and being noticed...

Proving what a standout he already is, just under 12 months!


He collects one more Youth Class win that brings him to 15 points

out of 30 needed in just three outings.

This time he was successfully owner-handled, for the first time...

Great job Greg ;-) Wish we were there to cheer you all :-)

Judge was G. Murante, Italy.


Well, the future seems to look bright for this young eyecatching Man....

Stay tuned!






- February 19 -

Ancona International All Breeds Show


Léon's 3rd show and win in a row!


Gran Pamir Mr Wise'N Wild Wind - "Léon"

won again the Youth Class & Best Youngster

for 5 more points and, not yet 11 months old, ended up as

Best Opposite Sex!

Judge was Mrs Ana Mesto (Spain)


He was shown by Agnese Della Rocca, as we couldn't be there.

Thanks for giving an hand! Well done Guys!




- February 13 -

Biella National All Breeds Show


We showed only one (debutant) dog at our 2nd show of 2005.


Gran Pamir Mr Golden Boy - "Bond"

won the Youth Class/Best Youngster for 3 points.

Judge was Mr G. Bauchal:

"Well developed dog for his age... typical movement with great reach and drive"


He is the 4th from the Fabio x Millah litter to be shown and so far we couldn't be more pleased!

But what makes us happy is that he had no consequences after he got hit by a

car last December. He's truly a blessed "Golden Boy"....

He's owned by the Spirandelli Family.




We are also pleased to announce we have a New Champion :-)


Producing Champion*

Alphaville's The Golddigger del Gran Pamir


This is an Official Championship title recognized and given by the Italian Kennel Club (ENCI)

to Stud Dogs whose offspring by different bitches have earnt Merits in the Conformation ring.

Guess this is something to be proud bragging about!

Not only a good dog (who we unfortunately didn't get to show as much as we wanted)

but also a high quality Producer. And that is what it should be all about...


Fabio was bred by Yvonne Ljungkvist and is out of Multi Ch Scaramis Da Capo x Ch Alphaville's Shesuitsus.


* pending Enci Confirmation






- January 28 -

Milano International All Breeds Show


Our first show of the year...


Gran Pamir Mr Wise'N Wild Wind - "Léon"

10 months old, won the Youth class, at his 2nd (winning) show ever!

"Moves exceptionally well"

This win qualifies him for Crufts 2006!

He also earnt 5 points towards the Italian Jr Ch title.

Shown by Emanuela, owned by Ploger Family.




Gran Pamir Miss She's Bliss - "Iara"

was Runner Up in quite a large class, first time out in the Youth class (4th show).

She missed the first place for so little :-(

Shown by Emanuela, owned by I Janza & I Maggioni (CH).




Zoomin' Fairy del Gran Pamir - "Tuuli" - Res CACIB

Shown as usual by Emanuela.


We are very proud of our beautiful dogs.... and even more glad to hear supporting

comments on them by people who know how Afghans should be built and,

as a consequence, move. At least we still care and play in a fair way. For what is worth.

Thank You Friends.




- January 27 -



12 YEARS OLD....


We love you Man ;-)


Feb 28 '05, The fittest Freddie ever at the tender age of 12!




- January 9 -


Congratulations to Kyber's 7 months old baby boy in Holland!


Only One Way My Way - "Shakka"

is now a Puppy Group Winner, at his first show...

Besides the good result (he also made the cut for BIS), just read his critique:

"Dog from good size, long elegant head with little stop. Perfect triangular very dark eyes.

Good lenght of neck, strong topline, good depth of breast and very well angulated in front and rear.

Correct tailset and tailcarriage. Excellent movement.

Young and very very promising afghan with a wonderful and friendly temperament."


Judge was Sighthound specialist Hassi Assenmacher Fleyel (Ger).

Well done Gonny & Han and of course breeder Agnese ;-)

This litter is turning out be a very good one....