The year has been quiet for many reasons but here we are though with a few news recap over the past months...


Sept 21st - The puppies are here!

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June 2012 - Int. + Nat.Show Torino


"Indiana" - Nymphadora Nexos del Gran Pamir

back to back CAC's + CACIB/BOS

Judges Mr. Vandoni & Mr. Sambucco (I)


Few outings for us, but congrats to the our several winning- and multi champion offspring for keeping

the flag flying high! Also congratulations to Felix's newest born litter for kennel Dietinger (I).






WELCOME to Italy




Bred by Del Ghyryo (B)

Owned by Marilena Cozzarella

Co-campaigned by Gran Pamir and Xenos kennels




January 2012 - Int. Show Milano


"Felix" - CH Felix Felicis del Gran Pamir



"Alishar" - Wavin' Velvet Star del Gran Pamir


Owner Fausto Capponi




December 2011 - Int. Show Erba


"Alishar" - Wavin' Velvet Star del Gran Pamir

CAC - judge Mr Grunheid, FR

Owner Fausto Capponi


The Saluki - Simhearth Pierina

CAC CACIB BOS - judge Mr Grunheid, FR

Handled by Emanuela






Xmas 2011

Goodbye sweet "Lyla" - We'll miss you!

Peterhund Delilah

8 november 1996 - 26 december 2011




JUNE 2012


















- October 2 -

PAdenghe sul Garda AHC Autumn Clubshow

Eurosighthound weekend supported entry - Judge Mr Jean Brixhe (B)


New Champion!

Dual, It & LC Ch Shinin' Cloud del Gran Pamir


Photo by Larisa Blaghevicha


Shining finished by winning CAC at this huge show, shown by Emanuela.

He is the third Dual Champion in Italy ever, having previously finished his LC title this past summer!

With the first two being sired by our "Kyber". It's a family thing, we'd say!

He is owned and loved by Mrs Paola Pieri and was co bred by Tiziana Azzolini.


At the same show

"Alishar" - Wavin' Velvet Star del Gran Pamir

was RCAC over tough competion, his third weekend out ever!

Well done to owner Fausto Capponi. More to come!




"Indiana" - Nymphadora Nexos del Gran Pamir

placed both days (4th & 3rd) in the huge and hot Open class, just behind older Multi champion bitches,

nice going at her specialty debut for our Li'l Miss! She'll be out again later!







- September 24 -

Sighthound Specialty Shows in Lostallo (CH)

Judge Mrs Pirkko Konttinen (Touhi-Tikan, Fin)


Multi Ch Bellatrix Bloxom del Gran Pamir

CAC, Specialty BOB

(still undefeated in her class in Switzerland after 7 shows!)








July 24

National CAC show Caravino-Ivrea



BOB - Ch Felix Felicis del Gran Pamir "Felix"

CAC BOS - Nymphadora Nexos del Gran Pamir "Indiana"

at her third show ever.

Back in full, top coat condition this little showgirl is having fun

so she might be seen somewhere soon!




And now it's time for a well deserved holiday after the busiest months ever!




July 8

World Dog Show Paris


A complicated showtrip indeed! Flying here and there just to make it at this Event,

dog people are crazy...

Enjoyed a busy day with good company and brought home a nice



Ch Felix Felicis del Gran Pamir "Felix" & Multi Ch Bellatrix Bloxom del Gran Pamir

over some 40 braces! They really can't be unnoticed!

Thanks judge Mrs Connie Clark.


And now it's time for a well deserved holiday after the busiest months ever!




July 4

Eurocup International Lure Coursing - Beaune (F)



"Jonie", Xendra Xedrella del Gran Pamir,

RCACIL & Best Bitch


Unfortunately only one Cacil was awarded as dogs and bitches competed together :-(

Owned by Olga Palenga






Rieti International Show


"Sonja", Jelly Jinx del Gran Pamir,



Now at halfway to her title after just 3 shows!

Great job and it can only get better...

Co-owned by Jessica Jansson/Jazayha


Sorry for the quality of the photo but we can't do anything but show SHE can move....





June 19?

Orvieto International Show


"Sonja", Jelly Jinx del Gran Pamir,



Whoooo little Sonja is back! Many more wins ahead we're sure!

Co-owned by Jessica Jansson/Jazayha





June 12

Versoix Specialty Show (CH)


"Bellatrix", Multi Ch Bellatrix Bloxom del Gran Pamir

CAC SBOS New Swiss Champion!

She finishes her title undefeated in her class with 6 CC wins out of 6 shows!


"Felix", Ch Felix Felicis del Gran Pamir



Judge Mrs O. Zilli (I)





June 5

Torino National Show


"Alishar", Waving Velvet Star del Gran Pamir



On his second weekend of shows out, shown by his talented

owner Fausto Capponi. Watch out!


Judge Mr v. Passerino (I)






"Shining", LC Ch Shining Cloud del Gran Pamir

CAC New LC Champion!


Getting nearer to the Dual Ch title! Only one Cac away...

Dual Purpose Afghans as always!

Owned by Paola Pieri








Huge congratulations to Tigro's son

"Mustafa", Multi Ch Dietinger's Bj Thee Mustafa


on finishing his Italian, Slovenian and Croatian titles! He's also close to finish his Dual Ch (Coursing & Racing) title!

Owned by Renato Dal Cero, bred by Laura Dietinger








- April 31 -

AHC Spring Clubshow Padenghe del Garda

Judge Mrs Barbara Arndt (Panacea, Can)


Our third show this year...

And the boys took it by storm!



"Alishar" - Waving Velvet Star del Gran Pamir

Winner of the Open Class & CAC

first time out both for him and his owner handler Fausto Capponi -

great job, we're so proud of you!


"Shinin" - Shinin' Cloud del gran Pamir

Winner of the Working Class & CAC

shown by Emanuela, owned by Mrs Paola Pieri -

now one Cac away from his Italian/Dual Ch titles!


Ali moving to CC


The day was busy, but lovely with lots of support for the Gran Pamir Team ;-) Thank you all!




May 1

International Lure Coursing in Manerba s.Garda


"Joanie" - Xendra Xedrella del Gran Pamir


Owned by Olga Palenga


"Joanie" has been chosen -again - as one of the members of the Italian Team at the Europen LC Championship!

Out of the 8 selected dogs, 4 carry Gran Pamir blood... nice going!




May 14

Specialty Show Inzig (A)


"Diggory" - Racing Club Ch Bluewildchildstar del gran Pamir


under breeder judge Mr Robert Godfrey of Regime's, USA!


Warm congratulations to owner and co-breeder Mrs Tiziana Azzolini for the great job with

darling Diggory, after all he has been through this is a very well deserved win!





The first FELIX Puppies are!


Born at the end of March,

6 girls 2 boys in a rainbow of colors, all looking gorgeous!


SBOB Ch Felix Felicis del Gran Pamir x

Jr Ch Dietinger's Angel My Love


Bred by Kennel Dietinger's, Italy.

Inquiries are welcome!










March 2010, Bellatrix showing her heart out at prestigious Crufts...












- January 22 -


Milano International Show

Judge Mrs Ana Sampaio (Br)






Bellatrix Bloxom del Gran Pamir



Finishing at 2 and a half, almost undefeated!

[14 Cac - 7 Cacib - Multi BOB & SBOB & SBOS Winner - Group Placing]


And on top of that, we're also celebrating her as




It has been a lovely show year for us, for her and her successful littermates

in the rings and on the field (thanks to all their owners!).

After long absence from the rings, fighting to win has been a lovely challenge.

Thanks to our friends for the support, it means a lot after all the hard work, time and efforts spent campaigning these young, umpteenth Gran Pamir

high quality dogs who can only do better and better in the future...

Even though the first part of 2011 will be a quiet one - but only in the

rings -, we're looking forward to being back this Spring!
















- November 21 -

Genova International/Specialty Show

Judge Mr Athos Albani


Ch Felix Felicis del Gran Pamir "Felix"

Runner Up Best Male, CACIB (ex Res.)

Continuing on a successful path, he'll back next year.

We can't wait to show this stand-out again! He'll be selectively shown in Italy and abroad.



Bellatrix Bloxom del Gran Pamir "Bellatrix"

Specialty RCAC



Just like her bro, Bellatrix keeps on showing off with style, being one of the Top Wining Afghans of the year, hunting for her last tickets for the It & Int titles.




- November ? -

Orvieto National Lure Coursing


Xendra Xedrella del Gran Pamir "Jonie"



Well done Stefano & Olga! Jonie has now all tickets for the It LC title but has to wait until next Spring to be confirmed.

Joining her successfull littermates, she can call herself a Top Winning LC Afghan for 2010!







- October 17 -

Foligno AHC Autumn ClubshowShow

Judge Mrs Jenny Dove (Saringa, UK)


What a lovely day!


Ch Felix Felicis del Gran Pamir "Felix"

Specialty BOS

2 years, brindle, very mature, I like his style and presence, exc body with good angulation

front and rear, very nice big feet, exc mover, lovely ringed tail finishes the picture.


Felix's first weekend out as a Special...


Bellatrix Bloxom del Gran Pamir "Bellatrix"

Specialty CAC & Runner Up Best Bitch


Excellent 2 yr brindle bitch, I like everything about her,

finishing with a nice ringed tail, sound throughout,

exc presentation and handling.


This win brings Bellatrix up to # 2 Bitch as for Oct'10

and closer to her title with only 1 Natl Cac missing.



Also well done to Tigro's son

Dietinger's Bj Thee Mustafa del Gran Pamir "Mustafa" (owner Dal Cero)

on winning Specialty CAC,

only one missing now!


Pictured here while being judged, shown here by Mauro Perna



Don't think there's any need to comment any further...? Two nice unexpected wins that made the long trip worthy...

Another bunch of "thank you's" to our dear friends for their help and support!




- October 17 -

Cambrai National Cac Show (F)

Judge Mr Laperyre


Shown once in a while waiting for full coat recovery, but doing well!


Aramintax Ayreez del Gran Pamir "Iris"

CAC Over tough competition!



Congratulations owner MÚlanie Lezy, we're sure she'll keep doing better and better once coat is back!





- October 10 -

Lonato International Lure Coursing


Xendra Xedrella del Gran Pamir "Jonie"


(New page for her)


Well done Stefano & Olga!


Photo by Jessica Sola





In Loving Memory...

Kirribilly Reza-Cyrus del Gran Pamir

Aprile 1998 - October 2010








- September 25 -

Back To Back Sighthound Specialty Shows in Lostallo (CH)


... Where we almost took it all, and with ravishing critiques ;-)


Show # 1 AdL Sighthound Clubshow

Judge Mrs S. Terzic (Slo)


Bellatrix Bloxom del Gran Pamir

CAC, Specialty BOB

(over Ch's, shortlisted among the best 4 in BIS)


CH Felix Felicis del Gran Pamir

CAC, 2nd Best Male

(his first outing since finishing)


Best of Breed


Thanks Fabienne Berset for

the BIS photo of Bellatrix



Show # 2 AdL 35 yrs Jubileum Sighthound Clubshow

Judge Mrs Natasha Blanusa (H)


CH Felix Felicis del Gran Pamir

CAC, Specialty BOB


Bellatrix Bloxom del Gran Pamir

CAC, 2nd Best Bitch


Best of Breed (was it windy!)


"Captivating" from BIS ring


Both got their wins out of the Open class and over Champions.

Bellatrix adds the 5th Cac to her list of Swiss Cac wins out of 5 shows - not bad!

Watch for Bellatrix back in Switzerland next year to get her confirmation Cac

and for Felix hunting for the other Intl Show Cac's to finish their CH titles...




- September 25 -

Roma International Show


Xendra Xedrella del Gran Pamir "Jonie"


Shown by her owners - owned by Mrs Olga Palenga & Fam.,(see pic below).





Scandinavian Sighthounds The Journal 2010



We have limited copies available, book your copy now.

Over 150 pages with dozens of gorgeous Color and B/w advertisments!

Definitely a collectors items that needs no introduction.

Hurry up and contact Emanuela.

Editors Stephen Wheeler & Anders Rosell



Il numero di copie disponibili Ŕ limitato, si accettano prenotazioni.

Oltre 150 pagine con decine di accattivanti pubblicitÓ a colori e b/n!

Ormai un pezzo che non pu˛ mancare alla collezione

degli appassionati e che non ha bisogno di presentazioni.

Affrettatevi a contattare Emanuela.

Pubblicato da Stephen Wheeler & Anders Rosell







- September 5 -

Frosinone National Show


Jelly Jinx del Gran Pamir "Sonja"

CAC BOB Group 2


Presenting the 6th Cac winner from the litter!

Sonja's show debut was worth waiting for, as she didn't want be shadowed by her siblings at all!

Congratulations Sonja & Jessica, we're very happy about this start ;-)

She will be shown later again at the right show, but watch out...

Owned by Jazayha & Gran Pamir.



Group 2 under Mr Mentasti and having a well deserved rest after work!







Things have been quiet lately with some well deserved holidays in between, here are a few news from a quiet summer...


- August 29 -

St Gobain National Show (F)


Aramintax Ayreez del Gran Pamir "Iris"



"Iris" was shown again after quite a long time - gee damn false pregnancy!

However she managed to become the 5th Cac winner from the litter, well done!

She's taking her time and wil be shown again later, when her coat will be back and better than ever, soon ;-)

Owned by Mrs MÚlanie Lezy, France.




- August 29 -

Lotzwil Specialty Show/Swiss CombiTrophy (CH)


Xendra Xedrella del Gran Pamir "Jonie"

RCAC, #3 Afghan bitch for Beauty & Brain Trophy


The girl after making herself noticed at LC National and International level after just a few outings,

is slowly being introduced to shows, shown by owners. Well done with this result!

We're sure she'll do way better once her coat has fully grown back.

She's owned by Mrs Olga Palenga & Fam., her personal page will be up soon (see pic below).

Show judge was Mr Louis Dehaes  (Du Jegdalek, B).




- August 8 -

Donaueschingen Sighthound Specialty Show (Germany)


Bellatrix Bloxom del Gran Pamir "Bellatrix"

Open Class winner, VDH, RCAC

Judge Mr Bo Bengston  (Bohem, USA).


"Very well balanced, high quality, good head and expression, long neck, short back, good substance and croup,

very good angulation front and rear, moves well with style and drive,

well presented."


Thanks Enrico Stefanizzi for the lovely photo

(on the left).



It was Bellatrix first show since May and boy, did she stand out in the ring!

Definitely one her best performances ever...

A most  beautiful and happy girl showing her heart out over record entry competition.



Please have a look at our

Gran Pamir Creations Site

for a Gallery of the weekend events.








July 18

Sauze d'Oulx National Show




Felix Felicis del Gran Pamir "Felix"



Yup, he did it! Like it or not..... ;-)

Our "ugly ducking boy" finished the never easy Italian Ch title at barely 2 years of age in a record

time of 7 weekends of showing with multiple specialty wins, placed in group everytime he was BOB.

Now to be selectively specialed in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to all involved in making him up, especially Assunta and Roberto.


On the same day an eyecatching and happy sister "Indiana"

Nymphadora Nexos del Gran Pamir

was again BOS to him and together they also made it to BIS-2 in brace competition ♥♥♥




And now it's time for a well deserved holiday after the busiest months ever!




July 4

Bra National Show


Felix Felicis del Gran Pamir "Felix"


back after a quiet and rainy month of June resting at home, on a 41░ day though.


Anyway, he introduced his little sister "Indiana" to the "job" and she did well!

Nymphadora Nexos del Gran Pamir


First time out in the ring ever, after staying home to grow coat (and lose part of it

due to false pregnancy!) after she broke her foot in Feb.'09.

She showed her heart out, and it will be fun to show her again sometimes in the future.


Thank you well known breeder judges Mr Sambucco & Mr Bauchal.




Also, good luck to the Gran Pamir related dogs that make the team up for the European LC Championship in Chardonnay (F) and especially to little sister "Jonie",

Xendra Xedrella del Gran Pamir, pictured in July, growing coat back and looking good!

Owned by Olga Palenga.








- May 30 -

Torino International Show




The boy is making himself noticed...


Felix Felicis del Gran Pamir - "Felix"


over Champion entry once again.

We can't wait for him to finish his title hopefully this summer!


... and taking revenge on his sister...


Bellatrix Bloxom del Gran Pamir - "Bellatrix"



... but there's anything better than team

work and they moved on to


over huge entry!


Judges were Mr Bauchal (breed), Mrs Bellan Falletti (group),

Mr Guffanti (brace). Thanks for a nice day!






- May 23 -

San Marino International Show (SM)


Bellatrix Bloxom del Gran Pamir - "Bellatrix"


(BB already Int Ch)


She has now all Cacib's for her INT. title and just has to wait for this fall to be confirmed!

And she also got a Cac towards her 4th Championship title. See you next year!

And huge thanks Assunta for your help and hospitality, as usual ;-)










- May 9 -



Back to the "Essential"... Introducing

Dietinger's Crystal Gaze of Gran Pamir - "Crystal"


Our pick from Shogun x Jr Ch Dietinger's Angel My Love litter.

The kingly look of the true Afghan Hound.


Owned by Gran Pamir. Bred by Laura Dietinger, Italy.






From "Sonja" - Jelly Jinx del Gran Pamir (owned by Jazayha/Gran Pamir)...



... and "Iris" - Araminatx Ayreez del Gran Pamir (owned by MÚlanie Lezy, F)






April 25

National Lure Coursing in Bologna


"Jonie" - Xendra Xedrella del Gran Pamir

CAC at one of her first LC competitions!


Owned by Olga Palenga.












- March 14 -


Modena  International Show - AHC Specialty

Judge Mr G. Murante (I)


He's taking his revenge over his sis!


Felix Felicis del Gran Pamir - "Felix"


from Int. class over Champion entry.




He was awarded the 2nd compulsory Spec. CC,

this means that after a few weekends out he's at halfway to his Italian title, needing only a couple of more allbreed CC's to finish. We can't wait for him to

reach full maturity and see what he can do!




Greetings from Bellatrix who is enjoying a holiday

with her cousin Ariel and 'third mom' Assunta Loreti!









- February 28-27 -


Fribourg International Show - Switzerland

Day 2 - (Change of) Judge Mr P.Cond˛ (I)


Our third weekend out this year... no less than the other two!


"THAT Girl from Intermediate Class......"

Yup, that's her!



Bellatrix Bloxom del Gran Pamir



Over a entry of about 35 dogs, mostly Champions and multi titled. Thanks to the judges for appreciating her once again,

Mr Cond˛ (Breed) and Mr Peddie (Can, Group).

This brings her 1 Cac short of her Swiss title (in only two weekends of showing) and 1 Cacib short of her Int. title, both to get from October onwards as one year must pass between the first and last ticket. We can't wait!


We found a short videoclip of Best Bitch compettition here

Group 3


On Day 1 - Judge R.Malo Alcrudo (E)

Bellatrix won her second Swiss CAC.


"Brother Felix"

Felix Felicis del Gran Pamir

RCAC both days over a competitive Int. Class.


He'll be selectively shown this spring, watch for him as he matures, his style will just catch your eyes.

The Best Group line-up, with the IW winning and placing in BIS both days.

Group 3












- January 24 -


Milano International Show - Crufts Qualifying

Judge Mrs Lotta Brun, Knl Caravan (N/Sp)


THE Girl keeps turning heads off....!



Bellatrix Bloxom del Gran Pamir




Still from Intermediate class and at only 21

months she already has 3 Cacib's and is at

halfway to both her Italian & Int. titles.

Winning BOB at Italy's most prestigeous

 show is definately an highlight!


Left in the picture:

BOB & BOS (Ch Xenos Kumano)


... without forgetting her bro, who's doing his

best to keep up with his amazing sister:



Felix Felicis del Gran Pamir



Last but not least, together bellatrix & Felix were awarded

3rd Best Brace in Show over huge and quality competition!


We are so proud of our "babies" and the results they have achieved so far.

And this is only the beginning, watch out for this hot couple as they mature!





- January 10 -


Montichiari International Show - AH Specialty Show

Judge Mr AndrÚ Van Der Broeke (NL)



Bellatrix Bloxom del Gran Pamir

CACIB & Specialty RCAC

(gets the IB as the later Bob winner is already Int Ch)


First show of a very busy-to-be year, not a bad start but "BT" was SO close to the win!

Thanks to judge Mr V.d.Broeke for her enthusiastic comments about our precious, floating moving girl... SHE ROCKS!

Not the first one who suggests to "take good care of this soon-to-be-Champion girl" - We look forward to the next shows!


Sorry, no photos this time...




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